The hair and beauty industry holds several big conventions over the year to bring together licensed professionals, students, and guests to participate in ongoing education. Dozens of companies also have booths set up showing and selling their products.

Now that barbering has taken on a new light in the industry, they now have their own conventions as well! But what makes their events different is that they have a Barber Battle which showcases the skill and talent of the barbers who decide to enter. There is a different culture in barbering that creates a competitive aspect. The battles offer cash prizes, products, trophies and of course, bragging rights to the winner. Each Barber Battle has different categories that one can enter: Best Fade, Freestyle Design and a Student category to name a few. Well-known and esteemed barbers are judges of these competitions, so the expectations are high! Not only are the Barber Battles held at the big conventions, but at local barber shops as well. This allows for locals to network and support each other in their own city.

All Society’s own barbers, Steven “Slick” and Adam are entered to compete in the American Barber Shop Championship in Los Angeles on October 22nd.