There’s an ongoing trend of vivid hair color, unicorn hair, mermaid hair, or fantasy hair color. Whatever you’d like to call it! Direct dyes from brands like Pulpe Riot, Joico and Pravana are created with different technology for color that is made to last. But because they are not permanent dyes, the fantasy colors will naturally fade with every shampoo. So not only can the journey to colorful hair be long, but it can end shortly too. The best way to maintain vibrant hair color starts with at-home-care.

Celeb Luxury created Viral color wash, which is a pigmented shampoo for pre-lightened hair. It can be used for every wash to maintain vibrancy or it can be alternated with a non-pigmented, sulfate free shampoo. Silver, yellow, teal, blue, purple, red, hot pink, lavender, baby blue and light pink are the colors they have to offer. Celeb Luxury also just released Viral Colorditioner which is conditioner that is also pigmented to replenish vivid colors. It can be used just like the shampoo or it can also be used as a color treatment because in contains BondFix technology.

Now you have no reason to walk around with dull hair color!