Let’s not get complicated! Here are only five products for your makeup bag that can give you a simple, everyday look!

  1. Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream - for sheer to medium coverage, this can help hydrate and smooth the skin to create an overall glow

  2. Blush - Karli Rosario, our in-house makeup artist suggests either a cream blush or a blush tint for a more natural appearance

  3. Tinted Eyebrow Gel - to open up your eyes and support your face structure

  4. Mascara - Teri & Caci from Beautiful Makeup Search shares their Top 25 Mascaras


  1. Natural Lip - choosing the right lip for you and your skin tone can complete your overall look. Shannon Farrel from Style Caster talked to makeup artist, Abby Sparks of MAC Cosmetics about choosing the proper lip according to skin tone