Majority of men’s hairstyling has said bye to gels. Now that men actually take their time to style their hair, they don’t like the crunchiness that gels can leave. They’ve become more adventurous by simply searching for other hairstyling products that can give them what they want and they’ve discovered pomades. Pomades are similar to gels without the hard crunch. It offers versatile hold and a nice shine. They are typically water or wax based.


Water-based pomades have a medium to strong hold, but wash out extremely easily and no residue is left over. This works best for those who do not want their hair to move throughout the day. Waxed-based pomades, also known as grease, can be easily restyled without having to add water. It’s highly recommended for those with an active lifestyle and work environment. Because it’s waxed based, it will take several shampoos for the pomade to be completely washed out.

Water-based pomades can offer the style of a modern gentleman and wax-based pomades fit the greaser’s lifestyle.