Boardwalk Pomade has outdone themselves again!! They have come out with their version of a matte pomade, which is still water-based and contains aloe vera, but this matte product contains volcanic ash! The volcanic ash allows for a matte finish without leaving a white residue that tends to show up on dark hair like with other matte pomades. Boardwalk’s Matte Pomade is also a strong hold! Many matte products tend to only have a light to medium hold because it gives a more natural look and feel. With this pomade, it will still give you that natural look and feel with an all-day hold. Another major plus about this products is it’s pliable, meaning you’ll be able to comb and restyle it and it will still maintain its strength for that next hairstyle! “When [Boardwalk] set out to make [their] Matte Pomade we wanted to create something outside the box, way outside”, and they did just that!