Vivid, Fantasy, Unicorn, or Mermaid hair color is such fun hair to have! You can have any color combination come to life - in your hair! Now let’s talk about what it takes to maintain fun hair color. Vivid hair colors are considered direct dyes or semi-permanent color, meaning the color molecule only rests on top of the hair. In about 6-8 shampoos the colors can wash out of your hair. This means you want to do everything it takes to preserve these fantasy colors for as long as you can before you see your hairstylist again. Here is a list of what it will take to keep your fun hair color vibrant and long lasting.

  • Wash hair at least once a week (dry shampoo is your bestfriend)

  • Shampoo/condition with COOL water

  • Use sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner

  • Pigmented shampoo (Viral - check out our previous blog post for more info)

  • Hot tools:

    • Heat protectant:

    • Air dry as much as possible

    • Use low temperature setting (300° at most)

  • Hair treatments: Olaplex #3 or Unite’s 7Seconds Masque