We’re taking pomps to the next level for 2017! No more combing it slicked back and stiff... this modern pomp has lots of movement and flow. It’s styled with your fingers, a blow-dryer, a round brush, and the right product… of course.

Yes, we said round brush and blow-dryer. Come on guys, we’re in a whole new era! This hot trend takes classic men's hairstyles (like the slicked back pomp with a side part) and reinvents them, with looser, messier finish.

To get this look, blow-dry your hair using a small to medium round brush. The round brush will help you achieve that natural looking volume. A blow-dryer is an asset when styling your hair because heat helps hair retain its shape… so styles last longer and less product is required. After hair is dry, opt for medium hold with Reuzel's Fiber Pomade. This will give you the right amount of hold while still allowing movement, and it can be reworked throughout the day. Place a small amount of pomade in your hand (about the size of a nickel) and emulsify it by rubbing your hands together a bit. Then, evenly distribute the pomade into your hair. Once the product has been incorporated throughout your hair, use your fingers to comb your hair back into the desired shape and style. Boom! You have now entered into the new age of men’s grooming.

Reuzel Fiber Pomade is available at Murrieta’s new hot spot, All Society Salon and Barbering…as well as some bad-ass barbers and stylists to get you on point with all the latest trends.