Summer is here! Warm days filled with sunshine, outdoor barbeques, lounging poolside, and soaking up the rays at the beach. We LOVE having fun in the sun but, unfortunately, it can take a toll on our hair. Don’t sweat it… we’ve got some great tips and a few amazing hair care products from Unite to share with you to help your hair beat the heat!

  • UV Protection- Your skin needs sunscreen to protect it from the hot summer sun, and so does your hair. 7Seconds Leave-in Conditioner has got you covered! This is, hands down, the BEST detangler/leave-in conditioner EVVVVER!!! And the fragrance… OMG, they seriously need to bottle this stuff as a body spray!!!

7seconds detangler.jpg

7Seconds Detangler

- Detangles the most unmanageable mane in seconds

- Seals cuticle

- UV and thermal protection

- Locks in color and prevents fading

- Repairs, protects, and strengthens hair

- Free of parabens and sodium chloride

- Fresh, clean scent (like we said, this stuff smells ridiculously good!!!)


  • Thermal Protection- Try cutting down on thermal styling in the summer but, if you must, use a product to protect your hair from the heat. Unite’s U Argan Oil does that for you, and so much more! It can be used before blow-drying (it’s kind of a no-brainer to use it here… it cuts drying time in half, yo!), and it can also be used again prior to flat-ironing/curling (creates a barrier between the heat and your hair), annnnnddd it can be used AGAIN for finishing and calming those frizzies. Yep, you can use it THAT much and it will still feel like there is nothing in your hair.


U Argan Oil

- Cuts down on blow-drying time

- Creates soft, weightless shine

- Seals and repairs cuticle

- Natural UV and thermal protection

- Extends color life

- Free of parabens and sodium chloride

- Pure Argan Oil


  • Less Shampoo, More Hydration- Drink more water to keep your body, skin, and hair properly hydrated… kinda common sense stuff here. To really quench your hair’s thirst and replenish those dry sun-soaked locks, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week… like the 7Seconds Masque. Also, try washing your hair less often. I know what you’re thinking…. eeewww!!! Right? Nope… not when you have an amazing dry shampoo like the 7Seconds Refresher. Hey, we’re not saying don’t take a shower… no one likes sand in their private parts after a day at the beach! Shampooing your hair removes its natural oils as well as the dirty nasty stuff and, the more often you wash it, the faster your color will fade. So, skip washing it every few days… but please do shower regularly.


7Seconds Conditioning Masque

- Intense moisture

- Long lasting, high shine

- Protects and strengthens

- Helps restore elasticity

7Seconds Refresher

  • Absorbs excess oil without causing buildup

  • Extends hair color and the life of your style

  • Adds body and leaves hair fresh and clean in 7Seconds


  • Easy Hairstyles- When it’s blazing hot outside, who wants to spend time blow-drying, flat-ironing, or curling their hair? You just took a shower…. Aannnnnddd now you’re all sweaty again. Ugghh!!! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Give yourself (and your hair) a break from the heat and opt for easy summer hairstyles. Braids, ponytails, messy buns, and chignons are perfect styling options for minimal effort do’s… but what to do with your hair down?? Beachy waves are perfect, of course! Unite’s Beach Day is summer in a bottle (fo realz!!!) Seriously, this stuff smells like freakin’ Coppertone. Mmmmm!!! Oh, and btw… those braids and things we were just talking about…. yeah, Beach Day works GREAT on all that too!

Beach Day

- Natural sea salt creates beach-like texture

- Humectants aid in wave and curl retention

- Hybrid of styling and finishing in one for effortless hair

- Gives you full, tousled, SEXY hair

So, there you have it… summer hair care is a breeze with the right products and minimal effort. Now, get back to working on those tan lines and enjoy your summer!!!