All Society Salon & Barbering is proud to present Suavecito’s new Matte Pomade. This pomade has been painstakingly formulated to absolute perfection to provide you with a unique hold and matte finish. No more ripping your hair out with your comb, as with other brands. Hey, some dudes have an issue with going bald, and most aren’t in a rush to get there… so let’s at least not tug those precious babies out by using crappy product. If you’re bald and proud… high five! But chances are, if you’re reading about pomade, ya got some hair on your head… and you’re looking for a styling product that works for you. Suavecito’s Matte Pomade will glide into your hair effortlessly and allows you to style your hair with the greatest of ease.  A completely matte finish for a natural, healthy look and it washes out with just water. Yep, no more washing your hair with dish soap (or whatever industrial strength stuff required) to get that other waterproof concrete gunk out of your hair…. just simply rinse. Oh yeah, and it smells AMAZING! What more could a man ask for in a styling product?? It’s got great hold, rinses out easily with plain water, looks natural, a fragrance that men LOVE, and you can still run your fingers through it! Like we said… perfection!

  • Staying power throughout the day

  • Complete matte finish for a natural healthy look

  • Washes out with just water

  • Great for: side parts, slick backs, faux hawks, messy looks

  • Made in the United States

Directions: Apply to dry hair for a true matte experience. Style with a brush, or with your fingers for a natural look…. or style with a comb for that tight appearance. Use water sparingly. 

Start with a quarter-sized amount in your palm. Rub the product into your hands to emulsify a bit. Work pomade into hair with fingertips from the roots up. Ensure even distribution of product. Use your fingers, a brush, or a comb to achieve desired style. To remove, simply wash out with water.