2017 is the year that extinguished the idea that in order for women to be beautiful, they must have long hair. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Zoe Kravitz took short hair to a new level by completely “buzzing” their heads. Cara Delevingne tells USA Today in an interview, “[I]t was really liberating to realize that you don’t need hair to be beautiful and to feel like a woman." Our own hair artist, Arielle, “buzzed” her head a couple months ago and she felt that same sense of liberation. “It’s just hair! It grows back!”, she always tells her clients who are contemplating to keep their hair long or to go for the change.

This new idea of short hair goes beyond the Bob and Pixie. Women are taking their hair to even shorter lengths to make a statement about what it is to be beautiful.

Will 2018 bring women a new hairstyle or a bold statement?

Work by Kevin Marken @kevinvincent_hair