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When you think of Fall and Winter hair, there’s an automatic association with rich-dark hair. But this year you may be feeling nostalgic with the haircuts that are complementing this season’s deep color.

Think 70s shag and texture! The Pretenders, Joan Jett, and the hairstylist Sally Hershberger are just some of the artist who rocked the shag. Now that many people are in pursuit of a natural lifestyle, they’re wanting to accentuate their natural hair texture. Bangs that curtain below the eyebrow, piecey hair structure and rich color are the way to go this Fall and Winter.


Sally Hershberger.jpg

Prep this look with Unite:

  • 7 Seconds Leave-In Conditioner

  • Boosta Volumizing Spray

  • Second Day Finishing Cream

  • Texturiza Spray