During 2017, women wore natural and dishevelled haircuts that paired with fun vivid colors. Much of the attention was drawn towards the fantasy colors, not the haircuts. Pixies also made a strong come back. Women wanted their hair to make a fun, carefree statement.

2018 calls for sharp, chic haircuts. Here’s a list of  some haircuts you’ll desire this new year!

  • Shoulder lengths - After having fun with unicorn hair in 2017, your hair will have some extent of chemical damage. The best option is to have a drastic, shoulder-length haircut to remove any damage left behind.

  • “French Girl Chic” or The Vidal Sassoon Bob - No more “lobs”! Women are craving the sharp contours of a short and edgy bob. You can also add a French twist with some bangs.

  • Shags and Mullets - The opposing spectrum of women’s haircuts will shy away from the stiff, militant style of crops. Mostly worn by men in the 60s, disheveled shags and mullets are coming back on the heads of women, removing the gender from this hairstyle entirely.