Here is a list of men’s hairstyles making way for 2018!

  • Texture Crops - Men and boys in the UK and England are way ahead of the game with this haircut. They are currently rocking crops ranging in lengths and textured. In 2017, much of men’s hairstyles were pushed back, away from the face. A crop is the reverse. It frames the face nice and square which gives the facial structure strength.

  • Tapers - The hair length of 2017 keeps on growing into 2018 for men. Adapting to hairstyling, they want to keep more length and weight. Tapers allow for a clean cut around the ears and neck area, while keeping as much length on top as possible. It takes away the annoying parts of having long-ish hair. Blending from skin towards the desired length.

  • Nape (neckline) Designs - Typically when you see someone rockin’ designs in their hair, you see it on the sides of their head. Now you’ll see subtle, tasteful designs at the nape. Far from the intricate, graffiti like designs you’re used to seeing. Barbers and/or hairstylist are adding simple “parts”, off-set fades and whimsical hair lines.