Currently the majority of the hair industry sees the importance of ongoing education. It helps us keep up with new trends and techniques. There are many ways to gain education. Hair shows, classes hosted by salons and barbershops and also shadowing another professional to learn their personal techniques and tricks. Thanks to technology, we now have access to education online.

The Hair Jam is a platform online where you can purchase and access lessons from many hairdressers and barbers for your computer, tablet or phone. Available to us just this year, we can learn from professionals like Andrewdoeshair, SugarSkulls, MattyConrad and JuliusCaesar to name a few. The perk to learning with The Hair Jam is that you can always go back and rewatch all of the content to gain as much information as you’d like.


The goal is “[...] to empower everyday barbers and stylists to achieve the level of success they deserve. Our Jam Sessions each highlight a professional that has attained an elevated level of success. They share their stories, wisdom, and technical expertise with the hope of seeing others achieve the same level of success as them.”

Check out successful hair professionals share what they’ve learned and what has worked for them through