There are many products out there that are pretty self explanatory when it comes to when to use them. The container can say things like heat protectant or texture spray. When you think to use a heat protectant, it’s easy to think that you’d apply it before you put any heat to your hair. Now how about the texture spray? When do we know to apply it; in wet hair or dry hair? Always look to the back for specific directions because every brand has different products and different ways of using them.

Once you’ve figured out when to apply it, how to apply it is important. The amount of product you put in your hair corresponds to the amount of hair you have. So you may want to use more than a few drops if you have a lot of hair versus someone who has less hair. Creams, serums, mouses, gels and pomades should be emulsified well into your hands in order to get the most out of those products. This helps to equally distribute product into your hair. We’ve all had the accident of having way too much product in one spot. Another tip is to avoid using your palms to apply product! Doing this just mushes the product into the first area it touches. Raking your fingers through your hair is the best way to get the products into your hair evenly. Sprays don’t require a lot of work, but they do need distance between the bottle and your hair. This helps to make sure the product isn’t focused at a single area. Don’t be afraid to be a little spazzy when spraying the product all over your hair. Even distribution is key to any hair products you use! And always start with less product because you can always go back and add more.