Have you ever used a pomade that tells you when it’s ready to be used? Hanz de Fuko created Gravity Paste which does just that. This product has more of a paste consistency unlike the traditional pomade. A more smooth, paste makes it easier to apply into the hair. But you have to wait until Gravity Paste is ready!! You’ll know by rubbing a small amount between your hands and continuing until you feel it become tacky. They call that “Super Grip” technology. Many find it similar to what a fiber paste does when it’s emulsified in the hands.

You can used Gravity Paste in just about any short hairstyle, regardless of the texture. It can be scrunched into damp or dry hair for texture and high hold. If you’re looking for a smooth style, you can still use Gravity Paste’s high hold to keep your style together without looking stiff. You can even cocktail one of Hanz de Fuko’s other products to achieve more control for your style!