From the catwalk everything is looking so effortlessly chic!! The hair is a well put together mess. It’s almost as if the models did the hair themselves. Tight ponytails have baby hairs naturally stick out. The curls are more wavy. Bangs don’t have a smooth finish.


In the salon, everything is warm! Megan Decker from Refinery29 says there are 6 color trends to look out for. Rich reds are a must! This isn’t the firetruck red that you’re used to looking at, they’re more of a cinnamon, warm red. Deeper in tone with hints of brown or beige. Dusty blondes are next. Instead of seeing that shiney, bright blonde, you’ll want it to look a little more matte and ashy. Cold brew balayage is third, with hints of lightness in between that rich dark brown base. With the warm colors also comes the warm, golden tones. Add more warmth to complement your natural color, like strawberry blonde for more fun. Fifth, we have the shadow root. This will complement your last summer service with a cooler grow out. And finally, rich brown! Your hair deserves a break from bleach. Going back to your natural color allows your hair to rest without it looking dull.