When it comes to color services, many clients are not too sure when to come in to refresh their hair color. Other than touching up grays of course, every client knows when they need to come in! So we’re talking more for those who have their hair done with highlights, balayage, vivid hair colors and haircuts.

Just in case you weren’t sure, grays are typically touched up with color about 4-6 weeks from your last appointment. Similar to a color retouch for grays, a bleach retouch is done between 3-4 weeks. The reason you should come in sooner for bleach retouches is to prevent any bands or lines of demarcation from previous appointments. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be for your stylist to prevent these lines.

Wearing highlights, you can go about 6-8 weeks until your next appointment. There can be much more dimension when it comes having highlights. This can allow for more time in between appointments. Now if you are someone that doesn’t like to come to the salon very often or just simply don’t have very much time, having a balayage only requires you to come in from 8-10 weeks or even longer. A balayage technique is a more live-in look so it is very low maintenance.

Bleaching services which include bleach retouches, highlights and balayages, it is highly recommended to come in for a glaze or toner about every 4 weeks. This short service will get rid of any unwanted tones in the hair that tends to resurface over time.

Returning for appointments for those with vivid hair color varies, but some stylist recommend about 12 weeks. It can vary because the more you take care of your hair at home, the longer these vivid colors can last. Washing your hair about once a week and having pigmented shampoos can prolong your time in between appointments.

Not only should you be timely for color appointments, but for haircuts as well. It’s suggested to come back every 6-8 weeks. This will prevent ongoing damage to dry, split ends. If you wear a short haircut, you should come around 6 weeks to maintain the shape of your look.

It is clear that prebooking your appointment is extremely important when it comes to maintaining your hair. It helps prevent damage and it keeps your hair looking fresh! After all, you wear your hair on your head everyday so it’s only right that it should look good everyday!