The awesome thing about hair is we can change it to any color we desire and most often, many of us want the complete opposite of what our natural color is. Brunettes want to be blonde and blondes want to be brunette. Luckily for blondes, it can be a much easier process going dark. Now those with dark hair have another thing coming for them! Here’s a little rundown of what the process looks like.

In order to achieve blonde hair from having natural or unnatural dark hair, it will take several appointments with your hairstylist. This is because we have to remove all the underlying pigment beneath the dark color. Underlying pigment are those red, brass and yellow tones that no one really wants to see. Unfortunately brunettes have to get passed the red, brass and yellow; whereas blondes only have to get passed the yellow.

If you have dark hair and are thinking of going blonde, it’s important to listen to your hairstylist and have an understanding that it will be a timely project. They will suggest products and I promise, they aren’t just trying to make commission off the products they sell to you. These are products that will help keep the integrity of your hair throughout the process so you both can achieve your blonde dreams while having healthy hair!

At All Society, one product we suggest for you to take home is Olaplex #3. This is a treatment that helps repair the bonds in your hair that can be broken from chemical processes. We also suggest Unite’s 7 Seconds Leave-In Conditioner that is also a heat protectant which you can use for your everyday hair routine.