What is precision haircutting?

When you think of getting a haircut, do you think I just need a trim or something like I want my haircut to be striking? This thought process can differentiate between a haircut and a precision haircut.

With a precision haircut, you typically see sharp lines and great shape. This can dramatically alter your image if you do not regularly get precision haircuts. You may also find that these haircuts grow out better in the way that they maintain their structure as the hair grows. The classic bob hairstyle is an example of a haircut that is cut with precision. It can be worn very short around the ears and cheeks or more towards the neck and above the shoulders.

When your hairstylist takes the time to make sure every hair has a place in the haircut, you’ll notice the difference in how the hair lays or pops up and how the hair moves and falls back into place. So do you want a haircut or a structurally sound haircut?