“Good hair doesn’t come from a jar.” Those are the important words this brand in particular lives by. The founder of this brand is Andrew (@andrewdoeshair), a local hairdresser from Corona, California. He says “The right hairdresser or barber can teach you more about styling your hair than a short paragraph on a jar ever could”. Unlike many other product companies, ADH Brand doesn’t focus on all the magical things its products can do for your hair. It strives to support the hairstylist and barber in helping their clients style their hair after they leave the salon or barbershop.

The products itself are very universal and straight to the point! ADH Brand only has two products so far: ADH Dry and ADH Wet. ADH Dry is a matte finish with a light hold paste and ADH Wet is a pomade with a shiny finish and medium hold. Andrew recommends to apply ADH Dry in wet hair, before blow drying. Then once your hair is styled into place, he then suggests to use ADH Wet for added shine and a little more control. Both products can even be used on women’s hairstyling for soft control and texture!