What is the difference between matte products versus shiny products?

It may seem obvious in the words “matte” and “shiny” but many don’t really understand the difference and which type of products would be matte or shiny. So let’s touch base on the major distinctions.

Matte means having a dull or lusterless finish. Products with a matte finish allows the hair to have a more natural look. These type of products are typically pastes, wax and clays and normally have a medium to light hold. The lower levels of hold allow the hair to be touchable and to look more natural, as if there were no product in the hair at all.

Shiny is pretty self explanatory, but it means to have a bright or glossy appearance. These type of products have a more obvious look and can have stronger holds. Shiny products are commonly pomades, creams and gels. Since they also have stronger holds, it will give a sleek image and the hair may not move throughout the day.

What type of finish do you prefer your products to have?