The common thought of dry shampoo is that it cleans the hair when you don’t have the chance to wash your hair. Not only does it absorb the natural oils that are produced days after you wash your hair, but it has other perks as well! Here are some benefits of using dry shampoo.

  • Absorbs excess oils without causing build-up

  • Extends life of hair color

    • Like we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, it’s always good to wash your hair as minimal as possible when your hair is colored to prolong the life and vibrancy of your hair color.

  • Styling tool

    • Have you noticed when you use dry shampoo it give your roots a little lift? You don’t necessarily have to use it only when you don’t wash your hair! After adding in some curls or giving yourself a great blowout, spray some dry shampoo at your roots and even through the rest of your hair to add volume and body to your freshly washed hairstyle!

Give Hanz De Fuko’s Dry Shampoo a shot to experience the extra perks of dry shampoo!