We’d like to formally welcome our new product line we’ll be carrying called Hanz De Fuko! Co-Founder and CEO, David Alfonso from the Bay Area with Co-Founder and COO Christopher  Zent with a Silicon Valley background became inspired by “the Venice-based grit that you can only see on the boardwalks of California”.

Advertised as a men’s product line, we love that the scents and all natural ingredients welcome women using their products as well! “[They] concern [themselves] with what [they] feed [their] souls. That’s why [they] made products with natural and organic ingredients. At the end of the day, [they] want to look back at what [they] accomplished instead of worrying about the labels. Each of [their] products is unique like [their] customers. [They] hope that Hanz de Fuko will give you the freedom to further explore the style of your inner artist.” We can’t wait to share with you some of the products we love to use.