Slick is one of our barbers here at All Society and he’s known for his pompadour always looking picture perfect. Here are some of his tips and tricks on how to get that perfect pomp.


  • Use grooming tonic with the blow dry

  • Blow dry hair up to 80%, a little dampness helps to distribute product

  • Use a HEAVY amount of strong hold pomade


  1. Blow dry hair straight back and as tall as you can with Reuzel’s Grooming Tonic.

  2. Apply A LOT, he means A LOT of your favorite strong hold pomade

  3. Slick it back with a comb.

  4. Start building the “walls” of the pomp by using an up and over motion with your comb. Using your hand to keep the top flat.

  5. Once you have your pomp where you like it, apply a small amount of Grooming Tonic for added shine.