Are you having a hard time achieving the beachy wave hairstyle?? Here are some ways that can help give you that effortless look with a curling iron or straightener!


  • Unite: 7Seconds Leave-In Conditioner
  • 7Seconds Blowout Cream
  • Boosta Volumizing Spray
  • Texturiza Texture Spray
  • Expanda Dust

In towel dried hair, apply 7Sec. Leave-In Conditioner and Blowout Cream liberally throughout mids-ends of hair. Then spray Boosta Volumizing Spray at roots-mids. Now blowdry! Make sure your hair is completely dry so your waves won’t fall out. Having a good styling foundation will provide a long lasting hairstyle.

Curling Iron:

Using a 1.5” curling iron will make sure you won’t have the Shirley Temple curls and it also helps to alternate the direction of each curl. This prevents the curl bunching together and become one big wave. Also it’s important to leave the ends of your hair straight, doing so will give it a more “undone” look.


You can achieve the same look for hair below shoulder length or shorter with an average size flat iron. We still suggest to alternate the direction of each curl and because you want to have straight ends, using a straightener helps make sure to keep the ends straight. Positioning the iron vertically and only slightly turning towards either direction as you pull away from the scalp gives you more of a wave than a curl.

Once you’ve finished styling and your hair has cooled, this is when you can start touching your hair! Touching the waves while your hair is still warm will prevent the style from holding. Now flip your head upside down and spray Texturiza all over your hair. This will add texture to your beachy waves. The final touch will be to lightly sprinkle Expanda Dust at your roots and rub through with your fingertips to add volume and separation at your roots. We hope this will make your personal styling much easier!