For some men, growing a beard is the easy part but when it comes to maintenance some have no idea. Here is a breakdown of what you’ll need and what you need to do to have a clean, groomed beard.

The tools you need for your beard are a beard comb and beard brush. You’ll want to use the brush every day to stimulate blood circulation to the face to promote hair growth and to train the hair to lay down. The comb can be used just like you would with the hair on top of your head, to detangle and distribute products.

The main products you need are beard oil and beard balm. Using the beard oil will help keep the hair and skin moisturized to also promote hair growth. Healthy hair won’t want to grow if the conditions are dry. Massage the oil into the hair and skin and follow it with a good brushing to evenly distribute the oil. Beard balm has the same benefits as a beard oil, but because the balm has a thicker consistency, it’s better used for styling a mustache and controlling stubborn beard hairs. There are several other types of beard products and variations of those products on the market that you can keep an eye out for. But it’s as simple as that to maintain your beard. Thanks to new developments in the barbering industry, there is no excuse to keep beards and mustaches looking sharp and clean!