It’s very common that people believe all they need is hair products to achieve the style they want when it comes to short hairstyles. With that notion, people tend to use an immense amount of product to have control. But all you really need is a blow dryer to compensate for the overuse of product.

Using a blow dryer has more benefits than the only disadvantage which would be dry hair. Only if you have long hair is when we’d suggest to refrain from blow drying as much as possible to maintain long healthy hair. But if you do use it, we’re lucky to have products that are heat protectants to protect the hair from hot tool lovers. Now if you have short hair, you won’t have to worry because of the consistent amount of haircuts you get in order to maintain the hairstyle. The blow dryer has many benefits to your hairstyling routine ranging from adding volume to controlling cowlicks. Another plus to using a blow dryer is adding longevity to your hairstyle. We recommend to make sure the hair is 100% dry before adding product because that will prevent your hair style from falling out. When you take the time to blow dry your hair into the hairstyle you want to wear, you’ll only need to use a small amount of product because the blow dryer did all the work to set your hair.