Typically used on men, tonic has been used for centuries. Similar to an astringent, it takes a liquid form. It’s used to revitalize, refresh and stimulate the face, scalp and hair. Tonic can also add moisture to the hair and scalp and some can even be used for hairstyling.

Reuzel has two tonics that can be used on the hair and scalp. Their blue hair tonic is used to help break down product buildup from using heavy styling products and it’s also suggested to be used after every shampoo to help regulate one’s scalp environment. It can help prevent conditions like dandruff and dry scalp from it’s moisturizing properties. Reuzel’s second tonic is their grooming tonic used for hair styling. It can be applied as a pre-styler for added control and volume. It also works similar to a gel when used in damp hair because after air drying it can hold the style in place, or even as a finisher for added shine to the hair.