Have you been watching the Fifa World Cup this year? If not, I’m sure you’ve heard or seen tweets about the players hair! The World Cup seems to be such a hot topic during its season because it’s a sport played around the entire world. Since there is no headgear worn in the sport, the players’ hair is always something you can’t miss. You see every hair texture that exists so anyone is bound to be inspired by the professional soccer players’ hairstyle -- or not. They use their hair to stand out amongst their teammates and opponents.

Take David Beckham for example, many men bring in a photo of him for hairstyle inspiration. Whether it’s his slicked back undercut or the long and grown out comb-over. This year, Brazil’s team member, Neymar was a HUGE hit on twitter. Fifa fans could not ignore his bleach locks. Looking like someone just dumped spaghetti right on top of his head. “Neymar’s no stranger to an outlandish do. All throughout his career he’s somehow convinced hairdressers to ignore every fiber of their being and use him as a test case for the most experimental styles around.” So do you watch Fifa World Cup for the sport and to support your favorite team? Or do you watch for hair entertainment?