Every now and again we as hairstylists and barbers get the question, “how often should I come back for a haircut?” The answer to this question can be determined on the hair length. Now let’s break it down in terms of “men” and “women” haircuts.

For feminine hair, the frequency of haircuts is a lot less due to the length of the hairstyle. Typically ladies like to have long hair, therefore they do not need to come is as often to maintain the style. What they do need to come in for is to maintain the health of their hair ends. Hair is more susceptible to damage when using hot tools and wearing the hair up. The way to prevent further breakage is to come in about every 8+ weeks for trims. Now, don’t worry, if you’re getting trims regularly, you do not need to cut 1.5+ inches every time because you are maintaining control of the damaged ends. If you’re cutting your hair once a year or less, it’s absolutely necessary to cut more than 1.5 inches off because you allowed the brittle ends to linger which also causes breakage to grow up the hair.

Masculine hairstyles are worn a lot shorter, so when the hair grows, it’s quite obvious the hairstyle needs to be touched up. For short hair that exposes the hairline, it is highly recommended to come in every 2-4 weeks for a haircut to maintain the hairstyle. Damaged ends are not something to be worried about since short hairstyles don’t necessarily need the assistance of hot tools, with the exception of a blow dryer. When a short haircut is on the long side of short, you can go about 4-6 weeks to maintain the style. For example, those that like long shaggy hair that’s still too short to tie back, can come in less frequently than someone that has a fade.

Now that you’re more aware of what determines how often you should get a haircut, take into consideration of what you can do and use on your hair to prevent breakage and to add protection.

*Hair by Karli Rosario (@allbeauty_bykarli)