Hanz De Fuko has truly outdone themselves with this product. Quicksand is “one part styling wax and one part dry shampoo”. It’s paste like consistency allows for easy application but it’s still able to maintain a high hold.

Quicksand is like sea salt spray in a paste form! When manipulating it in your hands, you will feel a grainy texture which is diatomaceous earth, “a soft granular rock similar to pumice”. The only formula on the market to contain diatomaceous earth! This ingredient helps absorb excess oil in the hair and scalp and gives the hair a fuller feel. It can be used in dry hair and even blow dried into wet hair. Quicksand can be used for women’s hair too! They can apply it at the roots days after not washing their hair to absorb oils or just to add volume before blow drying their hair into style. This product is perfect for textured looks and adding volume into the hair.