Did you know colors have different tones?? You may think of colors like blue, red, and yellow and think that’s the only way to describe those colors, but you’re wrong! Colors clearly range in shades from indigo to peach, but colors can also be described by warm or cool tones.

When you come to get your hair color done professionally, you may notice your stylists asks a lot about what type of “blonde” or “brown” you’re looking for. You may want an ash blonde or a honey blonde. Maybe you’re looking for something more of a dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Looking at photos of hair color that you’re inspired to get, take notice of how warm or cool that color is. What makes colors warm is that they have undertones of yellow, orange or red. This makes them bright and have a glow. Cool colors have undertones of blue and green, making colors appear deeper and easy on the eyes.

So what color do you really want your hair to be? Warm or cool blonde? Warm or cool brown? Warm or cool black?