Asking your hair stylist to cut your hair to add volume is in fact a myth! It’s hypothetically impossible for us to add volume into your hair through a haircut. What we can do is give you the illusion that you have more voluminous hair with a short haircut. Pixies and bobs are the haircuts where we can give your hair “volume” because the shorter your hair is the more structure and shape we can add to your look. Long hair tends to be weighed down and gives an elongated illusion to your facial structure. What hairstylists can do to adjust that issue is remove some of that weight by adding layers, not volume. Volume is added through products like root boosters, volumizing sprays and powders with the addition of styling your hair with a blow dryer and brush or other hot tools. So if your goal is to have beautiful voluminous hair, plan on spending some time styling your hair and your hairstylist will be glad to show you some tips and tricks on how to style big hair!