Claymation is HDF’s number one selling product and it’s clear why! Our barber/hairstylist, Arielle and educator for HDF says Claymation is the big brother of Quicksand (see our previous blog for more details). A small amount of Quicksand is added to this “clay-wax” product which gives it a weightless feel with a touch of grit. In the container it feels and looks like a clay but on the hair it dries like a wax.

Now you make think “clays and waxes are heavy and difficult to apply on the hair”, this is where Claymation proves you wrong. Once you manipulate the product in your hands it becomes more pliable so it will be easy to work onto the hair. The best thing is you don’t need a lot to keep your hairstyle in place and it’s reshapable throughout the day!! You may also find that many waxes leave a coating around the hair that is not easy to wash out. Well, Claymation is completely water soluble!

Apply Claymation into wet hair to achieve a sleek look or apply into dry hair for a smooth, textured finish.