Today at All Society we were able to dive deeper into what Privé is all about. Before our class, we already knew that the products contain clean ingredients and all the products that Privé has available is narrowed down to the essentials. What we learned today has reassured our decision of making the switch to this line.

Each of the products serve their own purpose, but within all of the products, they all have a common denominator. All of the products contain a “powerhouse blend” of natural ingredients that are crafted from two lineups. The first is an “antioxidant line-up to invigorate and protect” the hair by using bamboo, acai, green tea leaf, goji berry, sweet green peas, pomegranate and charcoal. “Antioxidants are nature's shield against free radicals, deterioration and damage”. The second lineup is the “revitalizing line-up for rebuilding and strengthening from the inside out” which utilizes jojoba, baobob, kukui and quinoa. The “powerhouse blend” is so natural you could almost eat it!! We saved the best perk for last, 1% of all sales go to help women in need!! #careforall

Not only will this help us as hairstylists and barbers create the best hair experience for you, but it will be sure to maintain the health and longevity of your hair while you’re at home too!