In our current society, consumers gravitate towards what is cheap and the most easily accessible. When it comes to hairstylists and barbers recommending what is best for their client’s hair, price point is often the determining factor even if it’s sitting in their salon or barbershop. We as barbers and hairstylists are not trying to make a sale, we are truly trying to provide the best for our client’s needs.

As a consumer, think about how much you invest into your hair. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year. So why not invest a little more into maintaining your investment? Professional products are priced higher, but with a logical reason. Professional hair care companies invest in what they believe to be the absolute best ingredients and technology on the market to provide the best results. Drugstore brands try to emulate those companies, but at a cheaper price. They know the average consumer wants to spend the least amount possible on hair care. Now think, at a cheaper price, are drugstore brands using the best ingredients and technology on the market? Is the price tag comparable to what you spend on services for your hair? In the end, which hair care brands truly care for your hair?